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Role: Art Direction, Illustrator and Art Management

Game: This project was a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Games2win, involving a virtual world that contained a range of online games and activities. Players used Chimp avatars, dressed it up, decorated the lands, interacted with other players and moved around in this virtual world.

Challenges: The project was specifically designed for the children aged to 6 - 14. Concept Art of the Chimpoo avatar was very challenging because I had to remodel the existing eccentric mascot of Chimp to a cute looking Chimp which would appeal to kids. Every art assets which including dresses for avatars, the props and messaging of the world were carefully designed keeping child safety and psychology in mind. As an Art Director my role was to plan and manage the projects weekly releases. I guided the art-team with art-styles, story-boards, UI wire-frames and references. 

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